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Cloud Solutions

If you are struggling with the differences between Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS), we can identify the specific solution that will work best for you.  We have helped organizations of all types and sizes put together a cloud strategy that guides them through the quickly changing industry.  We can help you determine what cloud solutions will benefit your company.

Cloud Integration

Not only can we guide you, but we can also do it for you.  You can put our extensive cloud experience to work for you so that the journey to the cloud is as smooth as possible.   We can move everything to the cloud, or we can just connect your on-premise IT to resources in the cloud.  We can also connect multiple cloud providers to one another.  The cloud is truly next-generation technology, so you need a next-generation IT provider like Intrust IT.

Cloud Management & Support

Once you are leveraging the cloud, Intrust IT will keep things secure and optimized.  We monitor your cloud systems and make on-going recommendations for improvement.  More importantly, when something goes wrong you have only one company to contact to get you back on track.  We have a full-staffed US based user support desk and 24x7 system monitoring to make sure you are always covered.

Cincinnati Managed Services Provider

Intrust IT has been providing professional IT Support since 1992.  Technology has changed a lot since then, but our commitment to customer service and innovation has not.  We provide remote and onsite IT Support services to clients in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas and their remote offices across the US.  Our fixed-fee Managed Services are the best in the industry.  Our team of support experts can become your outsourced IT department, responding to your IT support issues quickly, often before you even know about them.  We cover everything from your servers and network infrastructure down to your computers, workstations, laptops and mobile devices.


Intrust IT is your full service Cincinnati IT Support solutions partner.

What's New on Our Blog


How to delete partnerships that don’t show up in OWA

Recently I moved my mailbox from Office 365 back to our on-premise Exchange server (hybrid config). After the change, I started receiving email messages that I had met my 10 mobile device partnerships limit in Exchange. When looking in OWA, I only showed my one mobile phone partnership.

I started my troubleshooting steps in Active Directory. I changed my view settings to show Users, Contacts, Groups, and Computers as containers.  Navigating to my user account and expanding it showed 10 devices, yet I couldn’t delete them because they were owned by Exchange.

Connecting to Exchange Management Shell, I ran the following:

                  Get-ActiveSyncDevice | fl name,identity

This produced a list of devices for everyone in our Exchange environment but only displayed the device names and their identities. This list was quite long, some of the devices did not display a name, and there was no easy way to filter it by user. The command to run that narrows this search down to the individual user is:

                  Get-ActiveSyncDevice –Mailbox “domain\useraccount” | fl name,identity

Unfortunately, the remove-activesyncdevice command does not allow you to use the name of the device to remove it from Exchange. You will need to type the entire Identity string into the command. In our environment, the identity path for each device is quite long, so the command we used to run to remove the partnership was:

Remove-ActiveSyncDevice –Identity “corp.contoso.com/Users - Staff/Cincinnati Staff/Intrust Man/ExchangeActiveSyncDevices/WindowsMail§F7EBD77EC245FCDCC318B065C2FB4A48”

I ran this command for each of my devices that I knew were not being used any longer. From the first command output above, I also ran it for each of our users to clean up stale records from their accounts.

Another way to do this is via a script that was created by Microsoft. It does require a bit of setup, but for large organizations, it provides more options for user filtration and deletion. That site link is:


Tuesday, 27 August 2013 00:00

Skydrive Pro Storage Increases from 7GB to 25GB

Written by

Today Microsoft announced that Skydrive Pro will now include 25GB of space per user, up from the previous 7GB.  Skydrive Pro is the file storage, synching and sharing service that is included with Office 365.  This is not to be confused with Skydrive, which is the consumer service.

Other service improvements being rolled out include increasing the maximum file size to 2GB and increasing the recycle bin retention from 30 days to 90 days.  New accounts also have versioning enabled by default.

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  1. "Andy is always awesome!!!" from Karen B. 3/18/2014

  2. "I truley appreciate the expediency in which the ticket was taken care of and the communication of the staff involved." from Jarrod B. 3/13/2014

  3. “Like knights in shining armor, Intrust rescued my hypothetical damsel (the Lotus Notes system) from the hypothetical Maleficent (the system not working). Because of the team’s willingness to go the extra mile they got the system up and running with record speed. My only complaint is that I wish they would have prolonged the rescue a little more to allow me to get a much needed break from my work (the hypothetical poison apple). Overall though they did everything I could have asked for and because of their crack team my ability to procrastinate with efficiency is through the roof. If I ever have any other issues with my system, which is very likely because my computer is ancient, you can bet your last dollar on the fact that I will be calling the world-class IT Team at Intrust to facilitate my computing experience. Every time I have any problems, Matt and Craig and everyone else at Intrust always burst onto the scene, fix my problem, and ride off into the beautiful Ohio sunset. Bravo Intrust Team, Bravo." from Daniel L. 3/13/2014

  4. "Very quick action" from Dan K. 3/6/2014

  5. "Thanks Joe for expediting this for me. You're awesome!" Karen E. 3/6/2014

  6. "I appreciate the way Chris made sure this was taken care of. Thank you" from Jan M. 2/25/2014

  7. "Chris was a pleasure to work with a true Master in his field. He fixed my issues and did it fast...Thanks Intrust!" from Pat T. 2/25/2014

  8. "Chris was very helpful and quick to provide resolution to the problem.from Tom R. 2/21/2014

  9. "Great work with speedy timing.from Roger R.. 2/13/2014

  10. "Great response time from Matt and quick fix. Thank you.from Roger R.. 2/13/2014

  11. "Chris solved several issues with my computer! Great job!from Jennifer R. 2/12/2014

  12. "Thank you so much! I certainly didn't expect a call back that soon!from Debbie B. 2/11/2014

  13. "Joe rocks!from Roger R. 2/7/2014

  14. "Good response and Chris went a little further with help than expected, good job.from Roger R. 2/7/2014

  15. "You guys are the best. Thanksfrom Karen E. 2/6/2014

  16. "As always its a pleasure to work with you all !from Barbara S. 2/4/2014

  17. "(Please read in an English accent) Thank you Intrust, you're staff is truely delightful as the English lady on the prompt led me to believe. Cheers!from Timothy D. 2/4/2014

  18. "Great Service. Thanks Joe!!" from Al F. 1/9/2014

  19. "Great support. Tech was very courteous. a+." from Jerry C. 12/17/2013

  20. "Chris is awesome to work with....very knowledgable, thorough and professional." from Myra H. 12/16/2013

  21. "Solved my problem in 2 minutes flat. Thanks so much!" from Katie S. 11/26/2013

  22. "Clint committed to staying late and getting me connected which is very much appreciated. Thank you" from Roger R. 11/26/2013

  23. " Eric does a great job!!!" from Mike G. 11/22/2013

  24. " THANKS FOR THE QUICK RESPONSE !!!" from Shirley H. 11/21/2013

  25. " Joe was great - he was able to very quickly address and resolve the issue with very little disruption to my day. I also appreciated his follow up to ensure everything was working smoothly." from Lisa S. 11/21/2013

  26. " A Big THANK YOU to Tim and Matt at the Intrust group for successfully working with our company to provide wireless to our customers. Their rapid response to our installation and setup was outstanding." from Bob H. 11/11/2013

  27. " Your staff has always gone above and beyond in helping us!" from Charlie M. 10/25/2013

  28. "Brian was great and very professional. He helped us fix the FTP problem very quickly. Well played, sir! " from Ryan V. 10/23/2013

  29. "As alwys my problem was fixed fast Matt was great !" from Richard M. 10/18/2013

  30. "Fast easy respectfull and professional, just the way we like it.." from Greg N. 10/18/2013

  31. "Once again I am extremely grateful for the immediate response and the continued support I receive from all of you at Intrust. A special thanks to Chris for returning my call so quickly, understanding my immediate need and retrieving the deleted documents needed for me to proceed in my task." from Karen E. 9/26/2013

  32. "Oh, the wonders I encounter while in dealings with Intrust never cease to amaze me. God bless Intrust and God bless the USA!" from Timothy D. 9/24/2013

  33. "Thank you Chris for understanding the importance of my access problem and expediting my request in such a kind professional manner. It is greatly appreciated!" from Karen E. 9/19/2013

  34. "Joe was awesome ! Fixed me right up thanks for the great service." from Richard M. 9/13/2013

  35. "Eric, Thanks for all your hard work on this issue for us!" from Riley O. 9/9/2013

  36. "Andy was fantastic! Great follow-up. Thank you!." from Karen B. 9/5/2013

  37. "Matt was great!! Very fast response time." from Al F. 8/29/2013

  38. "Matt and Andy are AWESOME!." from Chrissy B. 8/21/2013

  39. "Very quick and efficient.." from Michael E. 8/15/2013

  40. "Thanks Matt. Wonderful job." from Donna T. 8/12/2013



  43. "First Rate as always...Thanks Joe!!!" from Al F. 8/5/2013

  44. "Joe is a true pro. He quickly diagnosed the issue and fixed the problem within a half hour. Thanks Joe!" from Wendi L. 7/30/2013

  45. "Chris is professional, friendly and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with." from Brenda W. 7/17/2013

  46. "Chris did an excellent job & was so patient with my lack of knowledge of computer lingo! Great Job! Thanks again." from Mary C. 6/13/2013

  47. "Saved the day AGAIN!." from Linda K. 6/5/2013

  48. "Craig is the coolest guy I know." from Timothy D. 5/31/2013

  49. "I had my problem resolved quickly, as always. Thanks!." from Katie S. 5/30/2013

  50. "I want to Thank Ken and Marc for all their assistance in the notes upgrade. You both made life easier ." from Lori P. 5/23/2013

  51. "Always delightful, always outstanding! Thanks Joe." from Carrie F. and Suzanne H. 5/21/2013

  52. "Once again thank you for your immediate response." from Karen E. 4/29/2013

  53. "Hats Off to Andy. This was a tough one to get around. But, he didn't give up and found a way to "GET HER DUN". Way to go Andy." from Rick B. 4/24/2013

  54. "Thank you, Andy! Always a delight to work with you!" from Myra H. on 4/23/2013

  55. "Always a delight never terrible!" from Carrie F. & Suzanne H. on 4/17/2013

  56. "Received prompt, professional serviec. Thank you" from Joey H. on 4/03/2013

  57. "Your team got right on my problem and got me straightened out in no time. The technician seemed to know just what needed to be done..." from Frank A. on 3/7/2013

  58. "Chris went above and beyond to fix our laptop. Excellent service." from Chrissy B. on 3/7/2013

  59. "I received immediate help and was back on my computer instantly. Thank you!I suggest adding another selection for "Super Fantastic". I would have chosen that one if the option was available. It isn't available just yet so I chose "Delightful!" from Debbie S. on 2/20/2013

  60. "I suggest adding another selection for 'Super Fantastic'. I would have chosen that one if the option was available. It isn't available just yet so I chose 'Delightful!'."-from Timothy D. on 2/7/2012

  61. "Thank you Chris, excellent job as always! "-from Christa P. on 12/27/2012

  62. "You took care of this for me while I was out of my office so there was no disruption to my productivity."-from Frank A. on 12/12/2012

  63. "Excellent as always."-from Frank A. on 12/10/2012

  64. "Your team hopped on this and had it resolved in a matter of minutes. Thanks!"-from Frank A. on 12/04/2012

  65. "I put in this ticket at 10:13am. I had an answer at 10:36. I don't see how I could have had any better service than that."
    -from Katie S. on 11/27/2012

  66. "Persistence pays off! Thanks."
    -from Jim W. on 11/20/2012

  67. "Chris, thank you for all your help and quick response!"
    -from Crista P. on 11/19/2012

  68. "Thank you for the quick response!"
    -from Brenda W. on 11/09/2012

  69. "Andy was a great help. He was very patient with a non-technological person (me)!!!!"
    -from Maddie H.. on 11/15/2012

  70. "Kyle did a great job."
    -from Jan P. on 11/05/2012

  71. "Thanks Chris!! You Rock!!"
    -from Gretta F. on 11/01/2012

  72. "Excellent as always."
    -from Al F. on 10/31/2012

  73. "Thanks again for the quick attention to this issue that arose!"
    -from Chris A. on 10/22/2012

  74. "Andy was excellent, cordial and persistent in fixing my problem. ."
    -from Matt R. on 10/26/2012

  75. "Thank you so much for your immediate attention to this issue."
    -from Karen E. on 10/19/2012

  76. "Kyle is the most wonderful person to talk to and is always willing to go over and beyond to fix the issue.. This is all the time. Not only for booting me out of the system it could be for a harder issue that takes a while to figure out.. He is the one I like to talk to the most. Very personable and willing to do whatever it takes to fix the issue. Andy is also another one that is good and is willing to do the same.. Keep them forever... Thanks!"
    -from Lisa M. on 10/19/2012

  77. "You guys are great...so patient with us!"
    -from Cindia S. on 10/18/2012

  78. "Chris was very helpful!"
    -from Julie J. on 10/16/2012

  79. "GREAT way to continue our PC refresh initiative, I appreciate it!"
    -from Eric R. on 10/11/2012

  80. "Thanks Chris!! You're the best!!"
    -from Danise D. on 10/11/2012

  81. "Wonderful as usual!"
    -from Linda K. on 10/11/2012

  82. "Excellent Service!!"
    -from Al F. on 10/10/2012

  83. "Kyle was Great!!"
    -from Al F. on 10/10/2012

  84. "Andy is the man! Thanks for the great service."
    -from Richard M. on 10/03/2012

  85. "Andy is the man! Thanks for the great service."
    -from Richard M. on 10/03/2012

  86. "WOW - you guys did more work on this than I ever expeceted. And Josh really dug deep. Thank you for all of your assistance!"
    -from Brian B. on 9/28/2012

  87. "Thank you again for your fast response in fixing the error message!"
    -from Debbie B. on 9/28/2012

  88. "As always, excellent work!"
    -from Janna S. on 9/26/2012

  89. "You guys are always so helpful and responsive. Thank you once again."
    -from Winnie C. on 9/18/2012

  90. "Very helpful and fast!! Thank you!"
    -from Patricia H. on 9/18/2012

  91. "Extraordinary followup."
    -from Jim W. on 9/14/2012

  92. "Fixed my problem in a flash!"
    -from Katie S. on 9/13/2012

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    -from Marinel C. on 8/29/2012

  95. "Andy had me fixed up in no time. Great service."
    -from Richard M. on 8/24/2012

  96. "Fantastic follow-up and resolution to problem, as always."
    -from Elsa R. on 8/20/2012

  97. "Really appreciate the follow-up to ensure that the program worked as expected."
    -from Chris Y. on 8/16/2012

  98. "Quick response. Positive result."
    -from Jim W. on 8/14/2012

    -from Carol Y.. on 8/07/2012

  100. "Marc is always great to work with. He is very diligent and maintains an open channel of communication."
    -from Dan K. on 8/09/2012

  101. "JD & Adam are great resources and they have both helped our compnay out alot. Thanks guys!"
    -from Mike B. on 8/09/2012

  102. "I can't thank Chris enough for the time and attention he took to help us on a Friday afternoon - after 5:00 p.m. Dedication and great customer service is an understatement!!"
    -from Janna S. on 8/02/2012

  103. "As usual, you guys rock!."
    -from Ed W. on 7/24/2012

  104. "Called in service ticket and Matt was onsite within 10-15 minutes to help."
    -from Katie S. on 7/24/2012

  105. "Steve got me up and going in 5 minutes. Fantastic."
    -from Cookie W. on 7/24/2012

  106. "Amazing customer service. Thanks"
    -from Jose V. on 7/20/2012

  107. "Kyle was a great help in getting this issue resolved. Thank you!!!"
    -from Andrea Z. on 7/20/2012

  108. "Andi is great! Thanks so much for your help!"
    -from Jessica S. on 7/16/2012

  109. "As always! PROMPT, COURTEOUS assistance by Steve! THANK YOU!"
    -from Laura S. on 7/11/2012

  110. "Super service as always!"
    -from Skip R. on 7/9/2012

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    -from Lou E. on 6/29/2012

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    -from Claire M. on 6/29/2012

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    -from Brian B. on 6/28/2012

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    -from Bonnie S. on 6/28/2012

  115. "Sam was above and beyond what we needed I really appreciate the work you guys do for us thank you!"
    -from Latonio C. on 6/28/2012

  116. "Awesomely helpful service! No joke."
    -from Brian B. on 6/18/2012

  117. "Kyle was very understanding of my situation and responded quickly and was able to restore the data I had deleted off the H: drive. I was glad to hear that the server is backed-up every hour on the hour and I have the files back; which took two months to create."
    -from Rodney D. on 6/6/2012

  118. "Everyone was wonderful and helpful - thanks so much!"
    -from Lisa S. on 5/24/2012

  119. "Kyle did an excellent job trouble shooting & fixing the problem."
    -from Janice M. on 5/24/2012

  120. "Really talked me through to effectively identify and correct the problem."
    -from Glenna P. on 5/24/2012

  121. "Shibu was on this issue immediately and very responsive. Thanks Intrust for being so attentive to our needs."
    -from Ramon S. on 5/24/2012

  122. “As always, you guys are awesome! thank you!”
    -from Dino T. on 5/24/2012

  123. "I like the fact that I did not have be involved in the process outside of identifying the issue and making it possible for a tech to remote in at my convenience!"
    -from Glenna P. on 5/18/2012

  124. “Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with you guys. The e-mail move went so smoothly. Thank you for coordinating everything, we couldn’t be happier!”
    -from Christa P. on 5/11/2012

  125. "Ken was fantastic and helped where it seemed no one could. He was very customer friendly and worked diligently to fix the problem. Thank you."
    -from Krista A. on 5/3/2012

  126. “Thanks again to Marc for his technical knowledge and drive. Really appreciate his ability to work with Citrix and DataCore to resolve some unexpected issues. Super Job!”
    -from Dan K. on 5/2/2012

  127. "Matt did an excellent job and got us up and running in no time. Thank you."
    -from Cindy B. on 4/18/2012

  128. "+Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    -from Gloria H. on 4/16/2012

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    -from Jeff B. on 4/5/2012

  130. "Another job well done!  Thanks" 
    -from Gloria H. on 4/5/2012

  131. "Many thanks to Matt and Andy for working to correct this issue!"
    -from Janna S. on 4/5/2012

  132. "Very pleased with timeliness of work and communications."
    -from Dan K. on 4/3/2012

  133. "InTrust is always great."
    -from Barbara G. on 4/3/2012

  134. “I must admit in my 26+ years of using computers that I have never had the level of service that you guys provide. Your company rocks.”
    -from Len S. on 3/28/2012

  135. "Sam was wonderful. Everyone on your Cincinnati team is always extremely helpful!"
    -from Alexandra B. on 3/28/2012

  136. "This effort was not as easy as I first thought when I requested it. Your staff (Kyle) worked non-stop to make it happen. Thank you Kyle!"
    - from Greg N. on 3/28/2012

  137. "You guys have been great. Particularly since I can compare you to the company I just left that did the same thing you guys do. Only you do it way better. Service is great. All the guys are great and very helpful, with good follow-up." 
    -from Brian G. on 3/22/2012

  138. "Sam was very thorough and helpful.  Thanks!"
    -from Alexandra B. on 3/21/2012

  139. "Joe has provided exceptional service and follow through."
    -from Cookie W. on 3/16/2012

  140. ":) Speedy and great service as always!"
    -from Hyunjin L. on 3/14/2012

  141. "Wonderful people who will go the extra mile to help.  Love the INTRUST GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    -from Lisa M. on 3/12/2012

  142. "It was great to have an immediate response on a weekend!!"
    -from Barbara T. on 3/8/2012

  143. "INTRUST GROUP is a wonderful group of people!"
    -from Lisa M. on 3/8/2012

  144. "Andrew went above and beyond and was wonderful to work with!"
    -from Alexandra B. on 3/1/2012

  145. "Same was extremely thorough with his work/assignment!"
    -from Lindsey M. on 3/1/2012

  146. "Your representative was efficient and handled our issue in a professional manner."
    -from Dennis G. on 2/29/2012

  147. "Matt did an excellent job considering all the issues that came up.  He successfully resolved them all!"
    -from Linda K. on 2/21/2012

  148. "I was very pleased with Dan's patience.  He worked through my problems and I appreciate his time and help."
    -from Stephen L. on 2/21/2012

  149. "I was traveling and I needed to access my office desktop.  This was fixed quickly.  Thank you."
    -from Frank A. on 2/8/2012

  150. "Thank you for doing a wonderful job.  The dispatchers are very happy today!"
    -from Andrew W. on 2/3/2012

  151. "Thanks for going the extra step and making the changes within my personal settings."
    -from Sophia S. on 2/1/2012

  152. "We are all thrilled that you were able to solve this major problem. Even Sprint couldn't come up with an answer. Thank you - this makes a huge difference. We appreciate all your time and efforts."
    -from Donna B. on 1/31/2012

  153. "Steve was helpful and very patient while waiting for me to contact him with questions."
    -from Michael G. on 1/27/2012

  154. "Marc was a tremendous help during our Exchange outage. Our experience with Intrust Group has solidified you as a preferred partner of ours. Keep up the great work!"
    -from Dale Y. on 1/19/2012

  155. "Marc was a tremendous help during our Exchange outage. Our experience with Intrust Group has solidified you as a preferred partner of ours. Keep up the great work!"
    -from Dale Y. on 1/19/2012

  156. "Sam was a HUGE help in getting my computer working properly.  Thanks!"
    -from Matt H. on 1/11/2012

  157. "Joe Kiefer was exceptionally helpful, prompt, and easy to work with. Thanks so much !!"
    -from Janet K. on 1/10/2012

  158. "Keith is always very helpful, professional and knowledgeable.  He resolved my issue quickly and efficiently.  I appreciate his expertise very much!  He is a pleasure to work with.  Thank you!"
    -from Hilde W. on 1/9/2012

  159. "I really enjoyed working with Steve!  Thanks for the great work!!"
    -from Janna S. on 1/5/2012

  160. "Keith and Joe did an extraordinary job today."
    -from Alfredo B. on 12/27/2011

  161. "Once again, Dan has exceeded my expectations.  Problem fixed!"
    -from Kent A. on 12/20/2011

  162. "Shibu was very helpful in getting the application running and making sure that I understood how it worked."
    -from Susan C. on 12/16/2011

  163. "Daniel went beyond what was expected to assist with this project."
    -from Wallace S. on 12/15/2011

  164. "I brag about INTRUST to all who complain about tech support at their companies. You guys are the best! Thank you so much - I really appreciate it. Every single time I have ever called or emailed for help, I have had an excellent experience."
    -from Barbara G. on 12/9/2011

  165. "Thanks for the prompt response in crunch time for a client meeting."
    -from Bernadette P. on 12/7/2011

  166. "Great job by Ken.  This was a very important issue because we are trying to gain a new customer in Japan and this would have been a deterrent if we couldn't have emailed them."
    -from Chrissy B. on 11/29/2011

  167. "Matt was awesome in helping me get this warranty work completed with HP.  I could not have done it without him!!"
    -from Richard M. on 11/22/2011

  168. "INTRUST has helped me tremendously with previous issues and their follow up is awesome.  Thanks."
    -from Sandra K. on 11/18/2011

  169. "Daniel, thanks for quickly finding us a cost effective solution to the problem."
    -from Tim S. on 11/17/2011

  170. "The service tech that assisted me was very knowledgeable and very polite.  He fixed the problem in just a few minutes.  Thanks."
    -from Rosemary F. on 11/16/2011

  171. "You guys are the best.  Thank you to Kyle for all your hard work on getting things going with my computer."
    -from Lisa M. on 11/15/2011

  172. "So fast!  Thanks, Steve."
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  173. "Dan set this up while working on about eight other things during his onsite visits last week and did a wonderful job!  What a multi-tasker!"
    -from Alisa R. on 11/8/2011

  174. "Matt did a tremendous job getting the malware removed from my computer!  Thanks, Matt!"
    -from Kim N. on 11/7/2011

  175. "Matt called very promptly after my ticket was submitted.  He diagnosed and resolved the problem without delay."
    -from Steve B. on 11/2/2011

  176. "This makes our lives so much easier.  Thanks a million for your efforts!"
    -from Alisa R. on 10/31/2011

  177. "Thank you again for your excellent attention & solutions!"
    -from Barbara G. on 10/28/2011

  178. "Matt did a great job making sure everyone was taken care of."
    -from David W. on 10/27/2011

  179. "Thanks for the quick turnaround on a Friday afternoon."
    -from Brent P. on 10/19/2011

  180. "Saved the day, yet again.  Thanks!"
    -from Samantha O. on 10/17/2011

  181. "Sam, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You made everyone's life much easier!"
    -from Kim N. on 10/17/2011

  182. "Jesse did an outstanding job.  I appreciate the time and attention he took in helping us create an organized and useful way of managing our email accounts.  His knowledge of Lotus Notes was vital in facilitating this process.  Thank you!"
    -from Janna S. on 10/12/2011

  183. "My issue was masterfully solved!"
    -from Catherine P. on 10/11/2011

  184. "Thank you so much for restoring my laptop.  Everyone involved did an excellent job."
    -from Donna T. on 10/5/2011

  185. "As always, strong work!  Thank you!"
    -from Dino T. on 10/3/2011

  186. "Sam was very helpful and understanding, working with me when I needed my computer throughout the day as he worked on the problem.  He worked around my schedule."
    -from Steve P. on 9/28/2011

  187. "Joe is a valued resource for Intrust.  He went above and beyond the norm of customer service to make sure I was happy with the repairs made to my laptop."
    -from Bill W. on 9/23/2011

  188. "Sam was very knowledgeable and very helpful to work with, a real class act.  Thank for getting everything working in a timely fashion.  Keep up the good work!"
    -from Dustin G. on 9/21/2011

  189. "Thank you for all of your help.  I really think you guys are the BEST!"
    -from Barbara G. on 9/16/2011

  190. "Awesome response time!"
    -from Myra H. on 9/16/2011

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